Crystal Catering & Consultin‚Äčg Company

Farm-to-Table  Fresh Meals Catered or Delivery

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As fresh as it gets - From the farm to your table !

Crystal Catering & Consulting Company is a full service catering company that provides the best tasting fresh produce, sultry texutred pasta, and quick meals of your choice.  We provide catered meals from 15 guest up to 500 guest.  Our meals are delicately and carefully prepared with the love of service and you in mind.  Allow us to give your guests the best while they celebrate and dine.  When we cater we do more than  serve food, we serve your guest with "Everything  Culinary"  give your guest  the best- 

Crystal Catering & Consulting Company 

Servicing our metropolitan area since 2005 has proven that consistency and treating individuals with care allows for a great gathering among many while eating.  Our fresh aromas and  smooth sensationable tastes will have you asking for more.  Give us your menu ideas and we'll give you ours - we'll come up with a fresh recipe for your meal every time !   

Your guest will leave with a memorable experience that  will keep others talking about the sultry tasting food. 

 We'll trust you to call us when you choose to have the best for your guest !